Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1st Gogol-Mogol, Dec.13, 2006

"Gogol-Mogol TeaRoom*"
at Artel

A Performing Artists’ Salon
First Gathering is Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Celebrating Upcoming Winter Solstice,
Drawing on ancient ways of Russian and other cultures.

6569 Santa Monica Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90038
RSVP: 323-871-1912
at 8:30PM

" Gogol-Mogol TeaRoom” at Artel - a monthly outbreak of Russian Tea Service, concoctions of traditional and not so traditional gogol-mogol, with a presentation of Songs, Dances, Drafts, Etudes, Compositions by our company members. Performed in English, Russian, and Universal, in a communal, informal setting. Each piece is a maximum 10 minutes long.

FREE, we do suggest a donation of $5.00 to cover the costs, we also accept and encourage barter**.

* Gogol-Mogol TeaRoom is a way for Artel to connect with friends and those interested in our work, as well as to feed our own creative fire for the development of new material.

** barter is a form of repayment that can be done in the following forms: performing a song, a piece of music, a dance, a poem, or teaching our company a traditional dance, song or poem in any language.

What is Gogol-Mogol? An egg-based concoction known as Gogol-Mogol, comes in numerous forms with all manner of ingredients. Common to most recipes is egg yolks whipped stiff with sugar; other options include egg white, milk, vanilla, nutmeg, honey, citrus rind, rum or cognac, short crust, berries, fruits and other assorted toppings. Said to help smooth and soothe a singer’s sore throat, a Gogol-Mogol could be just what the doctor ordered on a cold winter’s day.


Blogger vlm said...

After your performance at the Hollywood theatre space (12/13/06) I cannot say enough about how utterly impressed I was/am with the sheer charm and velocity of your ensemble. It was exhilarating in the extreme to be among your audience and it set a precedence of inspiration that I shall gladly bear for quite some time.

To be sure, this is not the first abstract performance I have experienced, but it is the first to involve me among those who actually "get" what I am about. The conversations I held with individual others afterward were an unexpected and completely delightful denouement to the evening. (The vodka and cranberry juice wasn't bad either.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for simply being. Your humanity made me feel much less alone in a world populated by droids.

Das Vedanya.


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