Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Events

ARTEL's Gogol-Mogol TeaRoom Celebrates "Maslenitsa", Russian Mardi-Gras

On February 18th, "Forgiveness" Sunday of the "Maslenitsa" Pancake Week, ARTEL' s third installment of Gogol- Mogol TeaRoom Performance Salon (February Edition) will turn into a Miniture Carnival for about 100 people, as the space at our ARTWORKS THEATRE is limited. The day will be charged with a relentless revelry and merriment of the like of our ancestors: pancake making, games, honey wine tastings, the making of the Gogol-Mogol, Awakenings of the Bear (signaling the oncoming of Spring), audacious performances by ARTEL and invited guests, dancing, and Madame Maslenitsa burning ritual.

Maslenitsa Celebration is a Russian version of the Mardi-Gras, or the Brazilian Carnival, or the Carnival in Venice, or many others, which, appropriated by Christianity, in effect stem from the same ancient root: human beings celebrating the spring equinox, acknowledging the mystery of nature. In 2002, Maslenitsa, after being banned for 85 years, became the Official Holiday of the City of Moscow, which gathers over 70,000 people from all over the country and abroad. More on Maslenitsa at Wikipedia: Maslenitsa or Pancake week is a Russian folk holiday that dates back to the pagan times...

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 100 guests. FIRST 100 to RSVP are invited!

RSVP to, or to 323- 871- 1912, artworks theatre line.

  • Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007
  • Timeline:
    4PM-6PM "Blini" Pancake Making, Games - "Gulyanie"
    6:30PM-8:30PM Performances by ARTEL and Guests
    9:00PM-10:00PM Burning of Madame Maslenitsa and Dancing
  • Who is Invited: If you are receiving this e-mail - you, your close friends and your family are invited, big and small! This, de facto, is a FAMILY celebration, making friends and amends!
  • What to bring: beer, "kvas", wine, sweets, cookies, pies, pierogi. Whatever you would like to share with other guests.
  • How can you help: You can help ARTEL by coming in earlier to help with a set up, to make pancakes, to help with welcoming the guests, and last , not least, CLEANING. Please call Olya @ 310-985-9996 to arrange for details. THANK YOU!!!
  • How mucho? $10 suggested donation, artistic barter is an option


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